Welcome to Poetry Corner
Carl Jenks is one of the most interesting voices talking about poetry that we have. His weekly essays deliver notable poems mixed with brilliant insights.
~ Paul Mariani
I love Carl Jenks' weekly columns for his carefully chosen poems, engaging commentary, and illuminating links and recommendations. It's truly soul-expanding. If your faith in poetry ever wanes, the Poetry Corner will restore it!
~ Connie Wanek
After decades of being trapped in an airless academic culture, poetry has reinvented itself in a more open and democratic style. Poetry Corner is in the vanguard of this change.
~ Dana Gioia
Carl Jenks’ joyride is insightful, fresh, comprehensive, informed, and witty, figuring famous and minor poets, poets little known and deserving of our attention. Poetry Corner, more aptly perhaps Poetry Universe, is a necessary good for poetry lovers, dabblers, and beginners, for the pleasure it offers week after week.
~ Shirley Geok-Lin Lim
Carl Jenks tells me he doesn't write poetry. And yet he is the greatest reader of poetry I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And I've only ever met him in the poems — the poems he introduces me to on a weekly basis. What a pleasure!
~ Paul Hostovsky
I come to Poetry Corner for a fresh look at famous and not-so-famous poets. It’s a wonder!
~ Joyce Sutphen
Poetry needs more than armies of poets. It needs readers as broad-minded and exacting as Carl Jenks. His essays are blessings.
~ David Mason
Warm, passionate, witty, profound, Poetry Corner offers helpful explications and expert critiques that reach both newcomers to verse and longtime poetry lovers.
~ Deborah Melone